Collars and leashes from BioThane®

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Handmade collars and leashes from revolutionary material BioThane®.

What is BioThane® and its advantages

BioThane® is a synthetic material developed in the USA that looks like leather. Due to its composition (polyester core and PVC coating) it is extremely durable and long-life. Because of these properties, it became popular for the production of collars and leashes.

We use only original BioThane® and we make all products by hand. The collar can be more personalized by printing.
If you need to adapt the product in any way, write to us and we will make it for you.

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Waterproof and stable

BioThane® is completely waterproof. This makes it easy to maintain, all dirts can be wiped off or just washed off with water.

Highly durable

BioThane® is highly resistant to abrasion and exposure to high and low temperatures. It is characterized by high tensile strength. It's colour fast.


BioThane® is resistant to mold and bacteria due to its surface finish, which makes it very well accepted by the animals and no allergic reactions are known.

Pleasant to the touch

BioThane® looks like the leather. As well it is very pleasant to the touch.

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What to buy except leash and collar

For a perfect mastery of your dog in addition to a good leash and collar in training can help the whistle for dogs. As you will find out over time, the whistle will become your best friend when you need to call in a dog. From our own experience we recommend the whistles for dogs of English brand ACME. The complete range of whistles can be found HERE.

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