Jak to všechno začalo a více o nás

The story about how the whole lifestyle changes with the arrival of two four-legged dog princesses in the family.

About us

Our story began in 2017. At the beginning of everything was a new addition to the family in the form of two four-legged dog princesses – Abby (NKO) and Beira (MMO). With their arrival, not only our established everyday regime has changed, but over time also our view of our surroundings, nature and in what direction we would like to go. Over time, we found that it is quite difficult to get some products necessary for a good dog training. Therefore, we decided to establish a whistle shop Acme and began to deal with the sale of whistles for dog training.

Thanks to our “girls” and their needs, we fit into the dog community, successfully completed the course on the first hunting license, became a member of CMMJ and our range of whistles for dog training we expanded for collars and leashes for our four-legged friends. After considering the options, choosing and testing several types of materials, we have chosen BioThane as the most suitable material. We chose this material mainly because of its properties, such as its strength, color fastness, low maintenance and last but not least, a wide choice of colors and a pleasant feeling to the touch. And so the Doglead.eu shop was created, which offers collars and leashes for all our four-legged friends, no matter if they are small or bigger, from the town or village and how active they are. The suitable collar or leash can be found here for each of them.