Contractive collar for dogs 19mm


All you need to know about this product:

Contractive collar for dogs made from BioThane® Beta® that your man looks like imitates the horse and is pleasant to the touch. The tightening collar is suitable for dogs that pull at their feet or are conflicting when looking at your animal.

If you wish to produce a collar of a different length than you might expect, please let us know. Likewise, we will gladly set out for you a hole less or more, as needed. These collar lengths in the shop are measured from the buckle device to the end of the collar.

Collar width 19mm.

What length of collar selection?

If you have an old collar, there is nothing easier than resizing the original collar and depending on who receives the collar. If you have an old collar, measure your dog’s neck circumference and add a few centimeters. If necessary, you will get two fingers in a row under the switched-on collar.

What is BioThane® and its advantages

BioThane® is a synthetic material developed in the USA that looks like leather. Due to its composition (polyester core and PVC coating) it is extremely durable and long-life. Because of these characteristics, it began to be used for the production of collars and leashes.

It is highly resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, molds and bacteria. The allergic reactions to Biothane are not known. A great advantage of Biothane is its maintenance-free, just wash off it with cold water.

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