Tracking leash

Tracking leash is designed to train a dog and work on color. Thanks to the tracking leash you can control the dog over a long distance.


All you need to know about this product:

The tracking leash is made of rounded BioThane® Beta® material that imitates the skin and is very pleasant to the touch. The advantage of the round tracking guide over the flat guide is better grip and greater comfort.

Tracking guide available in 3m, 5m and 10m lengths.

In case you need a different length of the classic leash than mentioned in the offer, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to make it for you.

Select the color of the tubing during configuration. The tubing is the covering material of the joints. Choose from black, brown, red and yellow.

What is BioThane® and its advantages

BioThane® is a synthetic material developed in the USA that looks like leather. Due to its composition (polyester core and PVC coating) it is extremely durable and long-life. Because of these characteristics, it began to be used for the production of collars and leashes.

It is highly resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, molds and bacteria. The allergic reactions to Biothane are not known. A great advantage of Biothane is its maintenance-free, just wash off it with cold water.

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